Peak Q4 2023

November Peak Subscription Box

The last Peak sub of 2023, so of course we are going to finish it with a bang! First up, we have a washed geisha from the famous Janson Coffee. The Janson family first started off raising cattle in Panama, but in the 1980’s they realised the land had great potential for coffee. In 1990, Janson Coffee was established and now, over 30 years later, Kai and Jannette Janson continue their family legacy. To pair alongside this producer we are incredibly excited to share a new offering from our dear friend Diego Samuel Bermudez of Finca El Paraiso, his newest innovation: Zeo Coffee.

Janson Coffee: Washed Geisha Lot 117

This coffee is a beautiful archetype of a traditional washed Panama geisha. Coffee cherries are handpicked and sorted for ripeness by trained workers before being stored in crates to avoid bruising the cherries. They are then run through a mechanical syphon to sort out the cherries by density and to separate any foreign material before being fully washed.

Origin: Volcán, Chiriquí, Panama Roast Profile: Light Tasting Notes: Jasmine, Mandarin, Apricot, Brown Sugar, Orange Pekoe

Finca El Paraiso: ZEO Natural Geisha

We are honoured to be the world's first roaster to offer this new innovation coffee from Finca El Paraiso! Being famous for their innovative processing and fermentation techniques, Diego wanted to innovate towards the other end of the spectrum in order to highlight the original coffee fruit character. This is done with the aim of showcasing the green potential of the coffee and to present the coffee with as little post-harvest microbial influence as possible; a minimal fermentation technique. In order to achieve this, only the best coffee cherries are selected and meticulously sorted. Afterwards the cherries are ozonated to reduce the microbial presence as much as possible before they are rapidly frozen in 4 hours at -40°C. The frozen cherries are then freeze dried in a low pressure system with zeolite to sublimate the water. Zeolite is a porous material with distinct adsorption properties that aid this sublimation process in selectively removing water while preserving as much of the aromatics in the coffee as possible. The result is some of (if not the most) transparent tasting coffee we have cupped to this day.

Origin: Cauca, Colombia Roast Profile: Light Tasting Notes: Tea Rose, Pomelo, Cascara, Peach Candy


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