Peak Q4 2022

November Peak Subscription Box

To wrap up the year, we have two auction coffees (named after beautiful flowers in Colombia) from the famous award-winning producer, Cafe Granja La Esperanza (CGLE). Many barista champions have won using their coffees to compete. Run by Don Rigoberto Herrera, they have an experimental focus on cultivating special varieties of coffees (such as Laurina, Sidra and Mokka) for the unique growing conditions in Colombia. Our head of coffee, Boris Lee, just had the opportunity this past month to visit CGLE to connect with Rigoberto and his team in person (see video below on his interview with CGLE). We are honoured to work with such an incredible producer and feel this is an appropriate way to wrap up 2022!

Potosí - Lot 23a: Hybrid Washed Sidra Peonias

Origin: Caicedonia, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Roast Profile: Light

The sidra variety is a team favourite, often presenting with beautiful texture and flavour profiles reminiscent of geisha or Ethiopian heirloom varieties. It was originally thought to be a cross between typica and bourbon, but various samples sent for genetic analysis seem to suggest a closer relation to Ethiopian heirlooms.

From CGLE:

“The first Sidra seed planted on Potosí farm was brought from Ecuador from the province of Pichincha when Rigoberto and the quality director of Café Granja travelled in 2016 to Canton Quito, Parroquia Nanegal. Once the seeds arrived to Potosí,  the nursery was created on October of 2016 and was taken to field on April of 2017. At Potosí farm we have approximately 3800 trees on 1.5 hectares. The main harvest occurs between the end of April and the beginning of June.”

Tasting Notes: White grape, Bosc Pear, Cantaloupe, White Tea

Cerro Azul - Lot 27: Natural Anaerobic Geisha Tulipanes

Origin: Trujillo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Roast Profile: Light

Each year our team drools in anticipation when we manage to get some incoming lots from Cerro Azul. Cerro Azul means “blue hill” in Spanish and grows geisha exclusively. It was the first farm to cultivate the geisha variety in Colombia. In 2008, Rigoberto was managing the La Carleida farm in Panama and won first place in the Best of Panama Auction with a geisha. It was from this geisha that Rigoberto brought back seeds to plant and cultivate in Cerro Azul.

Tasting Notes: Fuji Apple, Blueberry, Rum, Chocolate


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