Peak Q3 2023

August Peak Subscription Box

Our first Panama offering of the year! This is our first time working with Chevas Coffee Estate and we are excited for what is coming. Only founded in 2016, Producer José Luis Chevas has already been producing some fantastic lots. His grandfather, Luis Víctor Chevas, first started farming potatoes and onions and it was only 1996 when he began to really get serious with coffee production. Inspired by his grandfather's work at the age of 18, José began to work in the world of coffee. Both of these lots were submitted to the Best of Panama auction and only missed the qualifying score by less than a half point. We are excited to be working with José in the next season as he continues his journey of quality and innovation.

The Geisha Nova is a natural processed coffee that underwent yeast fermentation. This process utilises three different yeast strains that are added at different points in the process. The result is a cup that is clean and floral, with greater complexity from the yeast inoculated fermentation.

The Geisha Venus is a washed coffee that underwent fermentation with two different strains of yeast. The whole cherries were fermented in sealed tanks for 12 days before pulping and washing.

Chevas Coffee Estate: Geisha Nova

Origin: El Salto Area, Boquete, Panama Roast Profile: Light Tasting Notes: Orange Blossom, Rose, Cointreau, Chocolate

Chevas Coffee Estate: Geisha Venus

Origin: El Salto Area, Boquete, Panama Roast Profile: Light Tasting Notes: Lavender, Mandarin Orange, Peach, Ginger, Honey


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