Peak Q3 2022

August Peak Subscription Box

For the second box in our Peak Subscription, we have brought in two coffees from farms representing both past and present expressions of the beloved Gesha (or Geisha) variety. The first farm being the famed Gesha Village in Ethiopia near the Gori Gesha forest, preserving the past as the birthplace of this variety. The second farm is Finca Nuguo in Panama who had the rank #1 lot in the 2021 Best of Panama auction.

Gesha Village - Natural Gesha 1931 Lot 85

Origin: Bench Maji zone, West Omo, Ethiopia

Roast Profile: Light

Established in 2011 by Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton, Gesha village is located in the Bench Maji region. In carefully selecting wild seeds from the Gori Gesha forest, they had aimed to replicate the natural environment of the forest by planting them alongside indigenous trees. The result is not only a coffee that is rooted in its ancestry but an agroforestry approach that aims to balance the commercial growing needs while preserving the natural environment. Hatch first brought in Gesha Village in 2017. It has been three years since the pandemic had thrown things into a loop but we are proud to have Gesha Village back to offer the first one as part of our Peak Subscription.  

Tasting Notes: Jasmine, Elderflower, Mandarin, Honey, Oolong

Finca Nuguo - Fermented Natural Lot 200, Level 92

Origin: Chiriqui, Panama

Roast Profile: Light

Jose Gallardo has a Ph.D in civil engineering and has applied his education and experience to develop experimental lots that have risen to acclaim. Finca Nuguo had only started planting Geisha in the last 12 to 13 years. Yet already they have produced lots of coffees for the Best of Panama auction that placed 3rd in 2020 and 1st in 2021. We were very fortunate to have sourced some truly nano (under 7kg) lots from Jose and we are excited to share this Lot 200 as an exclusive offering to our Peak subscribers. "Level 92” denotes lots that Nuguo rates at 92 points.

Tasting Notes: Strawberry Puree, Pink Guava, Passion Fruit, Pomegranate


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